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When you buy a Nissan vehicle, you have to have it regularly serviced so it can stay happy and healthy for the many adventures to come around Las Cruces, NM, and El Paso, TX. To help you understand a little more about our comprehensive service center and the many services we offer, our team has compiled some Nissan Service FAQs.

Down below, you’ll find a list of questions you may have about your Nissan’s most common service intervals. Any time you have additional questions, feel free to contact our team at Nissan of Las Cruces.

When Does My Vehicle Need an Oil Change?

You can find out when your Nissan needs an oil change in its personal maintenance schedule. Generally, most newer model vehicles can have oil changes performed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

However, you also may need an oil change if these warning signs present themselves:

  • Increased engine noise
  • Shaking while idling
  • Check engine light is on
  • Smokey exhaust
  • Gritty oil texture

How is a Nissan Oil Change Performed?

On your scheduled appointment day, our factory-trained technicians will pull your model into the shop and begin their trusted oil change procedure:

  • Remove the old gunky oil and oil filter.
  • Cleanse the oil reserve to remove any dust and debris.
  • Replace the oil filter.
  • Replenish the oil with its recommended oil type.
  • Check the oil levels and check for any leaks.
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What Are the Signs of Brake Repair?

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important safety features. They also display many telling signs that point to needed repair, which include:

  • -Taking longer to stop than normal
  • -Excessively thin brake pads
  • -Grinding noises when braking
  • -Squealing noises when braking
  • -Excessive vibration when braking

When you notice any of these signs, you should schedule a service appointment with us as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Our technicians have all the proper tools and knowledge to get your vehicle’s brakes in like-new condition. Plus, they will use genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Nissan brakes to complete the repair—these brakes will fit like a glove in whichever model you drive.

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Is My Transmission Failing?

Your vehicle’s transmission is an integral part of its operation. When it begins to fail due to missed Nissan transmission service or needed comprehensive repair, you will likely notice a few of these warning signs:

  • -Trouble shifting gears
  • -Random noises when your vehicle is in neutral
  • -Slipping gears
  • -Check engine light is on
  • -Leaking transmission fluid

What Is Transmission Service?

When your vehicle is showing signs of a failing transmission, your vehicle may need one or more of the following services:

  • -Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange
  • -Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement
  • -Manual Transmission Service
  • -Complete Transmission Service

To figure out which one you need, schedule an appointment today!

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How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Convenience is key. That’s why you can schedule an appointment in three different ways at our Nissan service center. You can give us a call, visit us in person, or schedule online.

Have Any More Nissan Service Questions?

If we didn’t mention your burning service question above, feel free to contact our service team at Nissan of Las Cruces near Las Cruces, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, for further assistance.

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